Time to Accelerate Your Reach with Our Amplify Phase

Your focus sharpened on what matters to you and your customers with a compass to keep you on track from our Fit work together and with your Connect roadmap in hand to build fruitful relationships with your ideal customers, now’s the time to put it all into action and get the results you’ve been dreaming of.

We’ll identify together the key tools you need that match your unique compass and you can ditch everything else. You’ll be free to focus on what relates to your objectives and journey. No more shiny object syndrome or force-fit guru recipes. Our Fit and Connect steps streamline your business to what achieves your custom-created dashboard: 5 Metrics for Balanced Business Success.

We can provide templates, training, coaching, and resources to completely demystify anything you need to succeed on the path we’ve collaboratively identified.

Here’s how we help you Amplify:

  1. Quarterly coaching
    1. Keep you focused on what matters
    2. Track the dashboard we created for issues
    3. Identify goals and objectives for ongoing growth
  2. Training
    1. Skill-based workshops, classes, online or in-person, directly related to the roadmap we developed together to build your in-house capability and independence.
    2. Custom sessions focused on specific challenges related to your business
  3. Referrals to highly-qualified partners for any and all work needed to put your roadmap in place should you choose to outsource the implementation. We are part of an elite group that does the strategy and implementation work and have a variety of agencies that we refer to.
  4. Project management to ensure the integrity of your roadmap implementation
    1. In special cases, we may be available to project manage putting your customer relationship roadmap into action.
    2. The value we bring to project management goes beyond moving the tasks forward to making sure spammy marketing doesn’t start getting substituted for high-quality relationship-building actions.

We each have over 20 years in all aspects involved in building this roadmap, so we are uniquely equipped to oversee the process as well as evaluate the competence of referrals and the scope of training if you need something in-house. We could easily do the work ourselves, but we have chosen to lean into our joy, the work we love to do, and to focus on that without the distraction of work we can do well but love less.

We invite you to work with us on the entire journey of Fit+Connect+Amplify so that you can also feel the 5-fold balanced return on your important work in the world.

Let’s talk.