Thank you ASCCA42 for giving me an opportunity to present to you this powerful way of putting together your marketing strategy.

We fully support you taking this information and running with it in whatever way works for you. We’re hoping this will make a positive difference for you and your customers (and your bottom line).

Here are the worksheets we used in the presentation (all 3 worksheets are editable pdfs):

The Customer Value Journey Worksheet

The Growth Audit Worksheet

Here’s the one I mentioned that has 73 marketing tactics: 73 Point Marketing Tactic Checklist

If you are interested in learning more about this, here are some options for you:

  • We’re happy to give your business this presentation and collaboratively walk through the exercises as they apply directly to your business. This is more a 90-minute working session with you.
  • Sign up for a free consultation to explore options (15/30/50 minutes, your choice). We can also include in this conversation a free mini-assessment of how this framework might apply in your business based on what you’re doing now. We’ll need to know the following for the free mini-assessment (ideally you’ll have an intersection where these 3 below come together in your business now):
    • Your most preferred type of customer: who are they, what business do they do with you, what are their reasons for coming back to you, how you maintain that relationship now.
    • Your most important strengths that set you apart from others and why those attract the customer type above. These can be the type of work culture you have, the expertise you bring, the perks you offer customers, the level of service you deliver, or others.
    • Your top service – the one that brings you the most revenue: why, what’s unique about that, how do people find out about it
  • Sign up for one of the free downloads we have below. You just get the download and maybe one or two follow up emails. No endless spamming, we promise. We just don’t do that.
  • Sign up for our newsletter – no spam, just brief, thoughtful content on a schedule you choose.

If you are inspired and want to move forward, before or after a free consultation, then you can take advantage of the additional $500 off the 90-Day Growth Plan (our Fit and Connect services) if we start working together by June 1.

90-Day Growth Plan

4 one-day working sessions

Days 1 – 30:
Focus Your Fit (company/customer/offer), Build Your Customer Value Journey, Scorecard, and Identify Growth Opportunities (ALREADY STARTED!)

Days 31 – 60:
Optimize Value Journey with Tools and Training (Stages 3 – 5)

Days 61 – 90:
Accelerate with awareness and referral strategies (Stages 1 – 2 and 7 – 8)

  • Pay as You Grow (4 payments of $3,500)
  • Go All In  (Save $2,000)

We can also offer to ASCCA a special option for the 90-Day Growth Plan:

90-Day Growth Plan with 5 businesses together in a cohort. Each business can have a total of 3 people from that business who work with customers and that will attend all 4 one-day sessions. This offer price is $3,500 per business.
A major benefit of this option is you’ll get community brainstorming and thinking about your business from similar businesses.
We need 5 ASCCA businesses in order to kick this off. All will get a free consultation and mini-assessment to make sure we’re all starting from the same place.

Our guarantee:

If you don’t see value after the first session, we’ll happily give you your money back. We don’t believe in accepting payment unless we know we’ve delivered value well above and beyond our fees.

Thanks again! I hope to hear from you soon.

Kathryn A Gorges CEOKathryn Gorges, Principal Consultant
Kathryn at (email me directly)
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