Your Impact and Your Sales Increase When You Build Relationships with Your Customers

Your success in making the impact you’re inspired to bring to world is entirely dependent on connecting with customers who are a good fit for your business. Customers who:

  • Resonate with your inspiration,
  • Are delighted with the solution you’re offering, and
  • Want to be part of what you’re creating.

And your business profitability depends on how much of your precious resources you use to build a relationship with that ideal customer who’s a fit for what you have to offer.

Think about that for a minute…

If you spend a lot of your business time and money on servicing customers that aren’t quite happy with you, those are resources you can never use to build a relationship with customers that are excited by who you are and what you’re up to.

You also can never use those resources to get visibility with people that would love your offer, but they just haven’t heard about you yet.

Those wasted resources masquerade as all kind of expenses – many seem normal in the world of spammy marketing:

  • Additional features, products, and offerings that are slightly outside your core vision and talents.
  • Fancy email marketing campaigns full of content not laser focused on the main problem you solve well.
  • Big expenditures on social advertising to ‘find’ your customers that result in low (but acceptable in spammy marketing) conversion rates.

Imagine your business having an audience of loyal repeat buyers that refer their friends and acquaintances.

And in that scenario, you’ve crafted a set of offerings that bring those delighted customers back for more, rather than buy once and they’re gone forever. In this scenario, your business delivers incredible experiences because you (and your employees if you have them) love what you do because you’re engaged in the work that inspired you all, that you love to do, and you’re good at.

The catch? This requires you to narrow your focus both internally and externally (on what you offer and to whom). Narrow it to the gem you can uniquely deliver to those who most want it.

Good Fit+Connect Solves These Problems

You will need to shed all that you’re doing that isn’t your sweet spot. And let go of all the ‘not quite right’ customers you have, or thought you wanted.

‘Bad fit’ customers will:

  • Use up your resources and
  • Trap you into the infinite loop of spending more money getting and pleasing them until you are
    • Making slim margins,
    • You’re emotionally spent,
    • Your morale is low,
    • Customer service isn’t great, and
    • You start to think about doing something else.
  • Or worse, motivate you to look for a marketing guru to get you more ‘bad fit’ customers (spammy lead gen for example) so you can have an influx of cash to cover the drain these ‘bad fit’ customers cause.

Good Fit Customers Require Wise Choices About Your Resources

Actually ‘good fit’ is a mundane way to say ‘Awesome Focus’. When you have awesome focus you’re doing what you love and are good at for customers who delight in your offer, come back for more, and tell their friends. And you’ve let go of anything that doesn’t fit into that equation.

How We Help You Connect with Your Ideal Customers

  1. The first step always begins with checking your Fit: how are you doing against your original vision? Are your offers aligned with your sweet spot and with what your ideal customers love? Are you positioned well in the market so that you’re doing the work you love and making the impact you hope with people who resonate with your business? We assess all of this in our foundational Fit Service and focus our work together on gaps.
  2. Together, we co-create a detailed actionable roadmap for you to use that reflects the natural, human relationship building process that is based on Desmond Morris’ book Intimate Behavior 12 steps to intimacy. And while we’re not aiming for intimacy, we are committed to relationship development that’s consensual, appealing, and takes things in the steps that humans value. We use a proven framework that maps this out for a digital world.
  3. We collaboratively identify, for each step in the roadmap, the type and content of outreach your business needs to do to build relationships with the right customers. This includes getting visibility, initial connection, first entry level purchase, core purchase, and raving fans. We use the art and science of a tried and true framework develop your customer journey.
  4. We create a dashboard together that reflects your goals, objectives, and milestones to putting this framework in action.
  5. We integrate the Five Metrics Of Balanced Business Success Dashboard we developed in our initial Fit Service work together so that you have a guide to keep you on track to make the impact you want to have in the world and the way you want to feel doing it.

This process involves co-collaborate at every step. Ideally, anyone in your business that has interaction with your customers is represented or included to give a full picture of how the relationship currently gets formed and what it could ideally become. We lead you through 3 full day working sessions over the course of 90 days. In each of those sessions we do a deep dive into all the stages we’ve identified and brainstorm on how to move your prospects into customers into raving fans and referring others.

All of our Connect Service is carefully structured and facilitated to give you the actionable roadmap you need to double or more your revenues while working with your ideal customers.

Let’s Get Started…

If you think you’re ready for our Connect Service but haven’t gone through our Fit Service, the initial step is to get a Fit Assessment from us to see where to start. We have several starting points depending on how close you are to serving only your ideal customers.

Let’s talk.