• Imagine only working with your juiciest clients every business day… 
  • Imagine focusing on the part you really love—and making a good living doing that…
  • Imagine—could there be a way to increase fun, and productivity, and profit? YES!

Finding Fit means increasing your power as a business—to move deliberately, with certitude and power. The Essential 3 Fit Finding process is a way of sitting down and looking at what elements of your business are truly serving you, and which ones are not; of seeing the hidden opportunities; and polishing up the components that have gotten a little rusty. The outcome is spending less time, and getting better results, for which you are able to proudly charge more.

As we roll out the alpha release of our Fit-Finding process, we are seeking out a small handful of small businesses who are inspired and excited to move forward at a greater pace, to serve your most excited and passionate customers better, and make more money in the process. And we are giving away a small number of Fit-Finding sessions, free of charge.

If you would like to apply for one of our limited number of  Fit-Finding slots, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form.

—Chris Burbridge,
Senior Consultant
Essential 3 Consulting

The Components of the Fit Process

Company Fit

“How well is your company serving you?”

Bigger-picture alignment: What did you hope to get out of your business? Yes, we look at money. We also look at impact; meaning; support; fun; growth; community. How well is the business serving your life (including the non-business parts of it)? We look at that, and come up with suggestions together for how to improve any of these areas.

Strengths and opportunities: How well is the business really showing off your strengths (and the strengths of your team if you have one)? And how well is it managing the weaknesses?

Product/Offer Fit

“How well is your product or offer serving your best customer?”

We’ll look at a core service, and take a look at how clearly it’s serving that best customer.

What’s special about it? Is that clear to them? Is it clear to you? —Often, what is really great about us is not so clear, and sometimes the thing that really shines about us is not the thing we work the hardest on, and sometimes what we work the hardest on isn’t what people value most about us.

Customer Fit

“How well do you know your customer?”

We’ll look at who your best customers are, and see how you can gain focus on them. What do you know about them, and where are the holes in your understanding? When you understand your best customers more, you can delight them more; you can happily charge them more (and they’ll be happy to pay).


About Your Fit Consultant

Chris BurbridgeChris Burbridge started as a web designer/developer in the late 90’s, and became increasingly interested in marketing; as time wore on, he incorporated more and more business consulting in his work, until the work with each client became an overarching exploration of the raison d’être for the business owner, and how to help her or him become more powerful, expansive, and successful. Our Essential 3 Fit process grew, in part, out of these experiences helping his clients get more out of their work with less time.