Your Revenues Increase and Costs Decrease When You Focus on Your ‘Right Customer’

That starts with a detailed look at your customer fit, the roots of your business success.

Customers are the crucial component to your success: financial, impact, resources, and sense of satisfaction.

Customer fit (alignment and deep understanding) directly affects your business’s ability to attract, nurture, and retain clientele that purchase from you more than once AND refer others. Repeat customers are the key to increasing your marketing ROI and optimizing your set of products, services, or offers.

In short, if you don’t understand who your customers are (or should be), the reasons they buy from you (or don’t), how to develop a relationship with them, and what gaps you are (or aren’t) closing for them, then you’re setting yourself up to have to work hard and spend a lot of resources to keep your business going.

All of our work starts with a detailed assessment of your customers that gives you and us the insights we need to understand how to make all the rest of this happen much more easily: relationship, marketing, products and services, and your business growth.

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Going beyond customer fit

Sometimes looking at fit needs to go even deeper than examining your customer fit.

You started your business with inspiration and a vision of the impact you would make in the world.

Then, likely, you adjusted to the customer opportunities that came your way. You may have told yourself that you need to take many of these opportunities so that you can build your business and then recalibrate into your ideal sweet spot.

Perhaps, gradually over time, your customers brought in other like-minded customers and you grew into a thriving business that wasn’t quite aligned with your original vision. And you heeded the business coaching advice of being flexibility and adapting to reality.

You have a choice…

Now, you can keep growing your business in the direction you’re moving — continue to make money, serve your existing customers, and become more efficient so you can have some free time. All admirable goals in the traditional view of small business experts.


Something might be missing for you. Maybe you have value to offer that’s not being appreciated or an experience you’ve created that’s not getting attention.

Even though your business produces a reliable stream of revenue, you may feel a disconnect. You don’t love what you are actually doing and you know your clients aren’t getting all that they could.

Here’s the truth: Your business takes a lot of your time and energy. Your time in this life has a limit. If you aren’t getting joy and living your passion and loving the impact you’re making, when will you?

Now might be the time to reassess, recalibrate, and fulfill your dreams. That starts with a good fit.

A good fit is when your inspiration and your talents/strengths line up with your ideal qualities in a customer who needs what you have to offer and wants it in their life.

Here’s how we help you do that:

  1. Together, we take a good, hard, long look at why you’re in this business in the first place. What was your inspiration? What did difference did you hope your offer (product or service) would make in the world? What do you use to measure success for you? your business?
  2. Assess your sweet spot. What are you really good at? What do people MOST value from you?
  3. Re-evaluate your ideal customer. What type of customer best fits the difference you hope to make in the world? Which ones will be most delighted by what you – uniquely you – are offering?
  4. Review your position in the rest of the marketplace. How do you compare? Where do you stand out? What signals are you sending about your positioning (like pricing, brand experience and style)?
  5. Co-create your unique version of our 5 Metrics Of Balanced Business Success Dashboard: Time, Impact, Well-being, Profits, Joy

We work with you using tried and true tools to assess, evaluate, and advise how to move into this direction where you love what you’re doing, you’re making a positive impact, and your customers are delighted.

This process involves reflection, inquiry, interaction with past/current customers, and a willingness to review what’s working and what is not.

We’ve been doing this work for a long time, albeit under the cover of delivering specific services like websites, social media presence, advertising, SEO, and general marketing. Good results depend on doing this work. But fitting it into the edges of what we do really doesn’t allow us to help your business get the ROI you’d love to have. That’s why we’ve refocused ourselves on helping people like you have the business you’d love, rather than us just delivering services like everyone else.

Our tools are streamlined versions of the frameworks used by leading brand experts and marketers.

We believe that as a small or medium-sized business, you just don’t have the time or the inclination to spend on high-priced, complicated consulting projects. We took the sophisticated set of tools for this and pared them down to what really matters for you and we walk through the entire process with you. This is your business, and occasionally you’ll want to assess your course in it to see if you’re on track. Plus, you’ll want to have some easy to use tools to keep you on track on a monthly basis. That’s what we bring to the table.

Finding Your Ideal Fit Will Make a Huge Difference for You and Your Business

Once you have a fit that’s based on what gives you energy and your customers a great experience, you’ll be able to relax into what you do best. You’ll have a sense of direction, accomplishment, and self-worth you may not have had all the time before.

Just finding the fit may be all you need. We’re good with that. We developed this framework so that you could get value and move on from just going through Fit.

At the same time, Fit is a requirement for anything else you do with us. Why? Because each of us have done all kinds of marketing for businesses for over 20 years each without going through a ‘fit’ process. And it’s frustrating, expensive, emotionally draining, and makes for marginal results all the way around. We don’t do that any more. We’ve learned that if you don’t have healthy roots, there’s really nothing you can do to turn the rest of the business around.

Let’s Get Started…

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