Make Your Dream Business Come True…
with the support of other entrepreneurs just like you.

Sometimes you have a frustrating day, maybe you feel like you’re just not making progress or you want to throw in the towel.

That’s when you could use some encouragement, support, advice, insights, or just plain cheering you on to stay in the game.

Coaches do that. And a committed community does that.

The chances of success increase significantly for entrepreneurs with a community of peers to share with, learn from, and rely on for support and
clear-thinking insights.

Imagine having a community at the tip of your fingers to connect with when you get hit with the latest seemingly unending string of obstacles. Those times you feel like you’re pushing that rock uphill constantly and just can’t see any impact or results.

Community Teamwork

Combine this with focused coaching using frameworks gleaned from the cutting edge of lean innovation, healthy productivity, and the Passion Economy, and you have a winning combination that can’t help but get you moving faster, and with greater effectiveness.

What if you could always count on just a quick touch in to get the clarity and boost you need for the rest of your day to tackle those challenges?

And how about if that community also has opportunities to post your vexing questions and get the benefit of others’ experiences with those same or similar issues?

Finally, in that community what if you could also get expert help when you need it? Access to workshops, presentations, resources, and connections live and on demand when you are ready for that information.

We’re building the Inspired Success Community to support entrepreneurs like you who have inspiration at the core of their ventures.

Inspired Entrepreneurs

First and foremost:
We are committed to being here for you.

We see you: your wins, your dreams, your fails, and your energetic striving to achieve your dreams.

We experience a lot of joy helping people like you reach for your version of the brass ring.

Our members are making a difference for their customers, community, and the world through doing something they love and that keeps them in flow.

Our community helps our members sustain their inspiration, make choices about impact vs. profits vs. delight vs. self-care in their businesses, effectively use tools to accomplish their goals, and receive the support, guidance, and insights of equally committed peers.

Whether you’re refocusing your business or creating a new one, our community will keep you energized, in action, and on track.

Here’s what’s inside the Inspired Success Community – Beta Offering

Private Community

  • Learning, networking, and support spaces to give you new ideas, brainstorming, connections, and encouragement when you need it most.
  • Community-created topic circles for discussion.
  • Accountability partner.
  • Your own pod for keeping in action.

Exclusive Content

Our Lens Workshops form the heart of our practice for wise entrepreneurs and are an integral part of the community offering. The insights from each Lens create new perspectives to accelerate and balance success while leading a fulfilling life. Topics include:

  • Keeping yourself on track with time and creativity
  • Leading with your unique brilliance in your value-based offering and business culture
  • Defining success beyond financial measures

Live Sessions

We offer several opportunities to meet live, network, and exchange lessons learned (in addition to the Mini Masterminds: which are gems for connecting with other entrepreneurs!).

  • Weekly Lab Sessions: You can use these as co-working sessions, Q&A, sharing opportunities, discussions, or networking.
  • Monthly Hot Seats: We’ll apply our expertise in all aspects of marketing, business, and entrepreneurship to give feedback on a challenge that either one of our members is facing or something external as an example.

Coaching from Chris and Kathryn

  • Sign up for a 1:1 coaching session each month (first come, first serve for available times)
  • Group coaching available in weekly Live Lab Sessions
  • More 1:1 coaching available for additional fees

Mini Masterminds

You can freely participate in our mini mastermind circles twice a month. In each session we’ll all contribute to giving each other insights, encouragement, expertise, resource recommendations, or new ideas to help with your latest challenge you bring to the session. These help develop deeper relationships while learning from each other and sharing experiences.

Focused Masterminds (coming later…)

You’ll have the opportunity to apply for one of our mastermind circles (additional fees). We’ll make a match based on your focus, stage of business, and current objectives for the year. These masterminds help you develop long-term relationships as well as keep you moving forward towards your current goals.

What Our Clients Say

I enjoy working with Chris because he is willing to think outside the box and push boundaries.”

—Nicole Rassmuson, Brand and Communication Design

Kathryn played a huge role in my practice becoming so successful, even in the middle of a recession. She was like my business partner.”

—Dr. Katie Griffin, Santa Cruz NonForce Chiropractors, Santa Cruz, CA

One of Chris’ greatest gifts is his ability to understand, on a profound level, the inner workings of human beings and of technology.”

—Elizabeth Perrachione, Facilitation, Mediation, Writing & Editing

Kathryn’s warmth, energy and grasp of the technical has served her and her many clients well. She is the classic “Renaissance Woman.”

—Allen Tatomer, Senior Project Manager, Digital Marketing Consultant

Inspired Success Community Pricing

The Inspired Success Community supports a set of practices that lead to accelerated success measured by profits, a balanced life on your terms, community relationships, and more. You set the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your own success and the community stands behind you in those objectives with encouragement and accountability..

Value: Priceless

The 7 Lenses for Wise Action form a foundation integral to creating this practices and are based on years of experience in entrepreneurship: ourselves and helping others professionally. These are not fact-based workshops – they’re designed to open your eyes to a new perspective in each area. You are welcome to revisit them whenever you like.

Value: $300/workshop

The Mini Mastermind offers you an ongoing opportunity to get the best thinking of your peers. This has also proved to be a fabulous forum for creating solid relationships because of the mental and emotional small investments in each other’s lives.

Value: $50/month

One-to-one coaching sessions help you stay on track for what’s truly important for you in this life adventure of entrepreneurship. Both Kathryn and Chris have spent many years each doing transformational coaching work with individuals.

Value: $150+/session

Weekly Lab Sessions and Monthly Hot Seats give you access to other members and the expertise of Chris and Kathryn in a live, working environment (on Zoom). This opportunity can help you get over hurdles keeping you from making faster progress or help you feel you are part of a bigger effort in the world to have each of our dreams come true and not feel isolated. These are comparable to co-working spaces.

Value: $100/month

All of this value adds up. We estimate the full value to be over $600/month (!)

We are offering this for FREE for 30 days.
(No credit card required to start.)

And then in our Beta Offering, after 30 days the monthly fee is $43 until the end of the Beta on December 31, 2022.

We request a commitment for the full Beta period. When we are introduce Founder pricing starting January 2023, we’ll request a yearly commitment. This commitment honors the investment we all make in creating a nurturing, productive, safe, and energizing community.

If all this sounds like a fit for you – or you think it does and want to check it out for 30 days – then click the button below and fill out the application. We’ll send you an invite and a welcome email after we receive that information.

We’d love to have you. The reason you are even reading this page is that we’ve talked AND you’re interested AND we think you’re a fit. That’s how we’re forming this community and selecting the participants that will make this special for all of us.

We hope to see you soon!

-Kathryn & Chris

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Our Focus and Philosophy

We believe a healthy, well-functioning world starts with businesses that help our neighborhoods, cities, regions, and states flourish.

Flourishing neighborhoods and regions combine:

  • Businesses that meet the needs of the population and care about their impact;
  • People living their best lives and dreams; and
  • Nonprofits that fill gaps in art, literature, entertainment, and opportunities.
Healthy Communities

We focus on supporting businesses built on people doing work they love and living lives that nourish them, their families, their friends, neighbors, and world. Those businesses make a difference in regions large and small by cultivating and reinforcing a sense of accountability, responsibility, and care for the commonwealth.

We help people align with their dreams, skills, and talents so that their businesses reflect the best of who they are and deliver the value they’re uniquely suited for. We’re inspired by people discovering what activities puts them into flow and also enables them to live life outside of work.

Everything we offer inside the Inspired Success Community centers around the experience we have seeing both successful and stalled entrepreneurial ventures over the last 20 years.

The Keys to Success

We offer a way to think about this as the Keys to Successful Inspiration-Based Businesses:

  • Peer support, encouragement, ideas, advice, insights
  • Relationship-building marketing and sales
  • Enthusiastic commitment to internal team culture
  • Success beyond profits
  • Commitment to community as key stakeholders
  • Clarity and focus on unique value delivered to customers
  • Healthy business model
Successful Inspired Entrepreneur Ventures

You can learn more about each of these success factors and how they come together at
Inspired Success Factors.

Successful Inspired Entrepreneur Ventures

You can learn more about each of these success factors and how they come together at
Inspired Success Factors.

Lenses for Wise Action

The Seven Lenses for Wise Action as a series of business and personal transformation experiences are designed to stimulate new perspectives in seven key areas on your entrepreneurship journey. Successful ventures have incorporated these perspectives in one way or another. We’ve brought it all together for you in a seven part sequence to deliver AHA moments and tools that give you a boost in each area.

We offer these in a series of workshops to help you develop the Seven Lenses for Wise Action that we’ve seen contribute to balanced success in our 30 years of experience with entrepreneurs.

All of these workshops are included as part of our community OR you can purchase them separately. Our community conversations refer back to the key concepts in these lenses to help you be in action and on course to have a great, inspired business.

The Seven Lenses for Wise Action are designed to be experienced in sequence. AND you can retake them anytime as they are meant to be perspectives/points of view to help you look at things in a constructive way with tools to remain focused. You can, of course, take them out of sequence.

  1. Your Story and Spark
  2. Holistic Vision of Success
  3. System View of Business
  4. Finding Fit
  5. Path to Customer Relationship
  6. Agile Plan of Action
  7. Share

Short descriptions of each of these are below.

Remember: these are lenses to look through and see something you may not have seen before. Essentially, these lenses are business and personal transformation tools grown out of Chris and Kathryn’s extensive personal transformation coaching and business growth experiences.

Inspired Success Action Sequence

You can learn more about each of these lenses and their workshops at
Seven Lenses for Wise Action in Entrepreneurship.

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-Kathryn & Chris

Yes, count me in

Not quite ready?

No problem. Stay in touch – get to know us and the community – learn about occasional special events, offers, opportunities.

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Yes, I’d love weekly inspiration!