Inspired Entrepreneurship Success Factors

Everything we offer inside the Inspired Success Community centers around the experience we have seeing successes and stalled entrepreneurial ventures over the last 20 years.

We offer a way to think about this as the Inspired Success Factors for Entrepreneurs:

  • Peer support, encouragement, ideas, advice, insights
  • Relationship-building marketing and sales
  • Enthusiastic commitment to internal team culture
  • Success beyond profits
  • Commitment to community as key stakeholders
  • Clarity and focus on unique value delivered to customers
  • Healthy business model

These Success Factors contribute significantly to the achievement of profitability, impact, life balance, flow, and enjoyment of successful inspired ventures.

We designed our Success Sequence to help anyone achieve their goals in their inspired business and embody these success factors.

Successful Inspired Entrepreneur Ventures

The Inspired Success Factors Explained…

The Primary Set of Factors Involve People and Values:
You, Your Team, Your Community

Inspired Entrepreneurs - People and Values

Success Beyond Profits

We’ll help you discover and nurture feeling the joy that comes from working in flow. That includes discussions, workshops, coaching, and discovery sessions on balancing profitability with joy, time for fun, impact on a variety of stakeholders, and well-being.

The Inspired Success Community has inspiration at its heart. This community serves that inspiration, along with profitability as part of an overall balance rather than a focus on financial success as a primary driver.

We also have tools available for KPI dashboards to help you track your balanced success.

Success Beyond Profits
Inspired Entrepreneurs - Peer Support

Peer Support

This community offers a safe space for you to learn from the experiences, successes, failures, insights, and perspectives of your peers. We facilitate a positive discussion environment and encourage powerful questions.

You also can create your own sub-circles of peers for focused discussion on particular topics you have in common. We moderate to maintain healthy guidelines and encourage creative connection and relationship-building activities.

We also offer peer mentoring mastermind circles to facilitate brainstorming, support, and creative thinking for short-term or long-term challenges and commitments.

Team Culture

We’ve discovered that entrepreneurial ventures more reliably succeed when employees, subcontractors, partners, and advisors feel part of a team.

The culture developed inside that team forms the core of the value your business delivers. Everything that happens inside your business inevitably emanates into your market.

We wholeheartedly support intentionally creating and building that culture in alignment with your balanced success vision.

Inspired Entrepreneurs - Team Culture
Inspired Entrepreneurs - Community As A Stakeholder

Community As a Stakeholder

We, Chris and Kathryn, believe that inspired businesses provides the foundation for thriving communities.

Whether small artisanal ones, local businesses, or impassioned startups, committed entrepreneurs focused on exchanging value and building community resources are what our nation needs.

And we want to contribute to your success and help make that positive impact.

The Secondary Set of Factors Involve Business Nuts and Bolts:
Your Business Model, Value of Your Offering, Marketing and Sales

Inspired Entrepreneurs - Nuts and Bolts

Healthy Business Model

You’ll get help reviewing your business model – something useful to do annually.

Healthy ones have multiple revenue streams, revenues that exceed costs, partners, multiple types of prospects, and plans for future offerings, among other elements.

We find the Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder to be a helpful guiding resource for ongoing assessment.

Inspired Entrepreneurs - Healthy Business Model
Inspired Entrepreneurs - Value-Based Offering

Value-Based Offering

The starting point for an inspiration-based business (or passion business): offering a product or service that solves a problem and creates value in your customers life.

This sits at the bottom of this wheel as a cornerstone requirement to success. And generally requires a back and forth dance to craft the total solution your market segment wants, needs, and will pay for to set you up for growing your business.

That means listening to prospects, looking for the gaps in their lives that you can bridge, and seeing how your offering gets used in the ‘wild’.

Likely, this element generates the most need for support as an entrepreneur – to keep you inspired, focused, and in the game.

Relationship Marketing and Sales

As an inspiration-driven venture, you have a clear advantage over both big companies and transaction-based businesses: you have a story to tell and people will want to be part of what you’re creating.

That’s the starting point for a relationship that creates repeat sales and referrals.

And then you have marketing done by your customers, the best situation you can have.

Inspired Entrepreneurs - Relationship Marketing and Sales

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