The Seven Lenses for Wise Action are a series of business and personal transformation experiences designed to stimulate new perspectives in seven key areas on your entrepreneurship journey.

Successful ventures have incorporated these perspectives in one way or another.

We’ve brought it all together for you in a seven part sequence to
deliver AHA moments and tools that give you a boost in each area.

We offer these in a series of workshops to help you develop the Seven Lenses for Wise Action that we’ve seen contribute to balanced success in our 30 years of experience with entrepreneurs.

All of these workshops are included as part of our community OR you can purchase them separately. Our community conversations refer back to the key concepts in these lenses to help you be in action and on course to have a great, inspired business.

The Seven Lenses for Wise Action are designed to be experienced in sequence. AND you can retake them anytime as they are meant to be perspectives/points of view to help you look at things in a constructive way with tools to remain focused. You can, of course, take them out of sequence.

  1. Your Story and Spark
  2. Holistic Vision of Success
  3. System View of Business
  4. Finding Fit
  5. Path to Customer Relationship
  6. Agile Plan of Action
  7. Share

Short descriptions of each of these are below.

Remember: these are lenses to look through and see something you may not have seen before. Essentially, these lenses are business and personal transformation tools grown out of Chris and Kathryn’s extensive personal transformation coaching and business growth experiences.

Inspired Success Action Sequence

The Inspired Success Seven Lenses for Wise Action Explained…

The Foundational Actions:

Your Story and Spark, Holistic Vision of Success, and System View of Business

These fundamental lenses give you frameworks and tools for you looking into your business. Their combined impact clarifies your objectives, measures, and process for achieving balanced success.

Inspired Success Foundation Lenses

Your Story and Spark

This first Lens for Wise Action, Story and Spark, keeps you inspired, focused, and energized about the impact you’re driving towards. And also, importantly, this serves as the basis for likely the most successful marketing messaging you could have. Humans love story and having yours at hand to tell and keeping the customer as the hero at the center creates irresistibility. In this workshop you’ll use tools to ferret out your story and put that in a format for yourself and your communications.

Story and Spark Lens
Holistic Vision of Success Lens

Holistic Vision of Success

This second Lens for Wise Action, a Holistic Vision of Success, creates a context and framework for working hard on your business AND having a positive impact on your wellness, your relationships, your community, and the world. Business success need not be only about profits, although that’s key to being able to support the business and everyone associated with it. Success can also be measured by the quality of life the business creates in health, time, connections, and impact. This lens develops that focus and KPIs that you can identify to keep you on track. Even when you’re working extra hard to get this off the ground.

System View of Business

The third Lens for Wise Action helps you build a system view of the key components of a balanced business. The key tool we use is a new version of Business Model Canvas designed specifically for an inspiration-based business with the goal of a balanced life AND an impact on the world. This workshop walks through all sections of our Balanced Business Blueprint to understand the impacts of each on the whole. You’ll have a working big picture to help you maintain perspective on the moving parts of your venture.

System View of Business Lens

The External Actions:
Finding Fit, Path to Customer Relationship, and Agile Plan of Action

The externally-focused lenses offer time-tested frameworks for connecting with your ideal market, building a profitable relationship with them using basic human psychology and simple marketing tools, and keeping in action without spending a ton of time building project plans.

Inspired Success Action Lenses

Finding Fit

This fourth lens, Finding Fit, helps you work through one of the most frustrating aspects of building your business: discovering what will give your ideal customer the most joy. The workshop also gives you tools to discover and characterize your ideal customer while also building the core messaging to attract and engage that customer when you’re ready.

Finding Fit Lens
Path to Customer Relationship Lens

Path to Customer Relationship

The fifth lens, Path to Customer Relationship, centers around a successfully used tool for building a marketing sequence that goes from creating visibility for your offering to loyal, raving fans that help do your marketing for you. This workshop completely demystifies the marketing process and gives you a perspective that enables you to be creative while using this underlying process.

Agile Plan of Action

The sixth Lens for Wise Action, Agile Plan of Action, provides a key component that will help keep you in action. You’ll have the impact you want and be doing the work you love when you’re moving forward consistently and avoiding bogging down. Staying agile is key for moving through the entrepreneurship process. Avoiding too much planning or detailed project management or a lot of refinement will help you stay in the dance with your market and your innovation. That dance is what leads you to success by all measures.

Agile Plan of Action Lens

The Action that Ties Everything Together and Keeps You On Course Is

Share: the Seventh Lens for Wise Action

Sharing at every step you take with others, with your potential market, and with advisors keeps you moving forward in the direction of success.

This ongoing dance between you and your prospects is one of the single most important contributions to having a complete offering that people would love to purchase from you.

Sharing drives you and your business toward a thriving business.

Inspired Success Share Lens

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