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Master the 7 critical mindshifts
needed for progress and success
...frequently overlooked.

Mindfulness practices for doing the work you love.

Build the lovely business of your dreams AND enjoy your life.

See new paths forward

Do only what matters

You and your business

Life is too short to be bogged down by blind spots
trying to build your business to do the work you love.

Do you find yourself confused about why something isn’t working?

  • You keep applying advice you get and you just don’t seem to produce results.
  • And you may feel frustrated, mystified, or like giving up.

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of work building your business seems to require?

  • You’re taking the steps you see as the path forward, and yet more problems keep arising.
  • And you may feel unproductive, dense, or missing something you don’t know you don’t know.

You’re doing the work but the results are not what they’re supposed to be?

  • You find yourself integrating feedback, making your offers better, working on your elevator pitch, but results are slow.
  • And you feel unhappy, anxious, and worried you’re not getting there fast enough.

You have some real value to offer but people aren’t responding.

  • Potential prospects are responding politely but there’s no follow through.
  • And you’re starting to feel like there’s a big disconnect but you’re not sure how to overcome it.

You work so hard all day every day and you feel like you’re missing out on the rest of your life?

  • Your friends and family are wondering what you’re up to and why you can’t be with them.
  • And maybe you feel like if you just get through this one phase you can spend time socializing again, but you’re missing the connection now.

You have so much to do and you’re trying hard to increase your productivity.

  • The work keeps adding up and your best thinking is to keep your head down and get it done.
  • But you feel lonely and isolated and wonder if this is what having your own business is all about.
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We believe you deserve a holistic, love-your-life,
happiness-focused approach to entrepreneurship —
creating and building a thriving business
and doing it on your own terms.

That’s why we developed The Inspired Creator’s Journey.

Over the past twenty years, we’ve helped business creators overcome these blind spots, roadblocks, challenges, and the emotional rollercoaster of getting excited about the possibilities and feeling the frustration and overwhelm of not getting results.

And many of those passionate, entrepreneurs have taken the steps to make a good living, doing important things that bring them joy.

Our work is in helping people just like YOU to thrive, and attain these kinds of results; this kind of life.

Our Inspired Creator’s Journey addresses the 75% of issues that most business teachers and programs never cover — true mastery of the critical mindshifts required for entrepreneurial success — including the social, emotional, and “inner” aspects which are where we often really get stuck.

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Some of the creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses we’ve worked with…

Kathryn’s course was one of my favorite classes in my certificate program at UC Berkeley Extension. She brought passion, expertise, and curiosity to the classroom and inspired me to do the same. She pushed us to bring our best thinking to our projects and provided instructive and thoughtful feedback in return. It was an incredible learning experience. Thank you Kathryn!”

– Seemi Rizvi, Customer Marketing Manager, Looker at Google

One of Chris’ greatest gifts is his ability to understand, on a profound level, the inner workings of human beings and of technology. He is a “geek” that easily connects with people, and he weilds his innate skill and knowledge in ways that enhance all involved.”

—Elizabeth Perrachione, Facilitation, Mediation, Writing & Editing

Kathryn does an excellent job identifying and discussing best practices with a good mix of study, classroom participation and presentations from industry professionals.
I found the class curriculum was well rounded and though directed at startup scenarios I was able to apply many of the concepts to my many responsibilities as a marketing manager at present.

– Jay Haines, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation, Workday

Chris has an excellent attention to details coupled with an eagerness to fully understand the problem and find the most appropriate, efficient solution. He is an excellent team member, but is also comfortable working on his own. He has a great sense of dedication, ethics, and humor, and I would gladly work with him again in the future.”

—Colleen O’Rourke, Leadership For Highly Intelligent People

Kathryn’s course helped me develop my marketing strategy to launch my business, and also gave me a foot up when I was evaluating contractors and agencies to outsource my marketing. I couldn’t recommend Kathryn more, she’s a great teacher and knows exactly what she’s talking about.

– Diane Lam, Business Systems & Operations Expert, Diane Lam Co.

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The 7 Mindshifts Required for Entrepreneurial Success

Lonely creator's journey

The Inspired Creator’s Journey takes you across the chasms of entrepreneurship by helping you discover your inner wisdom in seven key areas. You’ll bridge each chasm as you reframe your perspective and understanding of the challenge you’re facing.

We purposefully set up the potential for you to experience your own unique, personal mindshifts to accelerate your acquisition of the wisdom you need to achieve whatever success you’re seeking.

These mindshifts don’t happen intellectually or by reading the descriptions above. They are truly shifts of perspective where your mind may smoothly move through that shift, or jolt into it, or suddenly see something new. Specific types of experiences make this possible. Transformational experiences. They may be something just a bit out of the ordinary along with an openness in you simultaneously occurring. Or they may be a life-changing event, like the ones people experience after near-death events and subsequently make major changes in their lives.

These mindshifts help you cross each entrepreneurship chasm and
build your inner wisdom

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The Inspired Creator’s Journey Program

The Inspired Creator’s Journey Program includes 7 adventures designed to deliver insights that help you see things differently.

Each adventure is a Lens. The Lenses provide a new perspective on the seven major challenges in building your business.

Awakening Your Power – Lens 1: Clarifying your natural talents and powers — we are often not fully aware of our own.

Calling Forth Your Vision – Lens 2: Clear vision of ideal day and life — to steer you to the right place you actually want to go.

Mapping Your Journey – Lens 3: See and map the whole of your business from many views and angles — a skill we often miss.

Dancing with the Other – Lens 4: The essential magic of your dance with the customer, to find that nearly-magical “sweet spot” where it’s 10x easier to generate excitement for whatever you may be selling.

Building Connection – Lens 5: The natural relationship-building pathways that turn “marketing” into a natural, human practice.

Acting with Wisdom – Lens 6: Time-tested practices for managing your time, energy, and resources in ways that will make a quantum difference in your outcomes and results.

Mastering Flow – Lens 7: The daily habits that keep you in flow and headed to the intentional full life outcomes you’ve mapped.

Inspired Creator's Journey Lens Adventure Sequence

Take these 3 simple steps to get started discovering your blindspots and moving forward faster.

Begin the Inspired Creator's Journey

Step 1: Join our one of a kind mindful entrepreneur program, The Inspired Creator’s Journey

Getting started is simple.  We have an short information form to help us understand your situation and needs.

Filling it out will take you about 5 minutes or less and will give us insights to make the program even better for you.

No payment is needed to get started.

Insights on the Inspired Creator's Journey

Step 2: Get new insights on the roadblocks, challenges, and blind spots holding you back

Each of our Lenses is a focused set of exercises designed to help you get in touch with what’s inside you and keeping you from making the progress you so want.

We’ll work together in community, safety, and support while learning from each other.

Community on the Inspired Creator's Journey

Step 3: Joyfully progress faster and more easily with a new perspective on your path ahead

You’ll have the reframing that makes possible more ease and confidence tackling the next step in your personal entrepreneurial journey.

And you’ll have a community that’s the wind at your back.

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Our Promise to You

Key Foundational

You’ll have reframing around roadblocks that enables you to take a new approach. Rather than working harder, you’ll work wiser.

Tried and True
Frameworks and Tools

You’ll have frameworks, tools, and new approaches for keeping yourself on track to stay happy, healthy, connected, and focused on what matters to you.

Practices for
Mindful Entrepreneurship

You’ll have a deeper understanding about the stages of entrepreneurship and see the patterns that demystify the process.

The time you spend on your business will feel more fulfilling, joyful, and more integrated with the rest of your life.

Your Inspired Creator’s Journey includes:

  • Series of adventures to cross the chasms of entrepreneurship
  • 8 weeks of 1 1/2 hour interactive workshops
  • Exercises to create AHA moments for you
  • Frameworks for your business model and marketing
  • Tools for focus and staying on track
  • Practices to stay connected and happy
Joyful Entrepreneur

Options for Getting Started on
Your Inspired Creator’s Journey

Just by choosing to move forward into this series of adventures, new insights, and practices will start to transform your experience and accelerate your success.

Let’s get started! We can’t wait to work with you.

Chris & Kathryn

The Inspired Creator’s Journey +
Community Membership



  • 8 weeks 1 1/2 hour interactive workshops
  • Accountability buddy and pods
  • Community membership during the program
  • Free 2 month trial of Community membership after the program ends
  • Access to all Community membership benefits during your free trial:
    • Deeper independent study workshops on each aspect of the program
    • Community Fellowship weekly sessions for challenges, problem-solving, expertise
    • Q&A discussion forums
    • Exclusive content
  • Option to continue Community membership after trial for $87/month

The Inspired Creator’s Journey +
One Year Community Membership



  • 8 weeks 1 1/2 hour interactive workshops
  • Accountability buddy and pods
  • Community membership during the program
  • Free 2 month trial of Community membership after the program ends
  • 12 months of Community membership at a discount (two months free in addition to the 2 month trial period)
  • Access to all Community membership benefits during your free trial:
    • Deeper independent study workshops on each aspect of the program
    • Community Fellowship weekly sessions for challenges, problem-solving, expertise
    • Q&A discussion forums
    • Exclusive content

Take 5 Minutes and Get Started Now

You’ll find a simple information form on the next page.

Fill it out and we’ll get in touch with you.

After that you can let us know then what payment option you’d like.

Then we’ll send you a link to register for the course and join the community.

Let’s do this!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is my payment information protected?2023-01-21T13:40:53-08:00

We use Stripe for all payment transactions. Your payment information does not go through our website or get saved by us. We do not have access to your payment method information at any point. Stripe has considerable security set up to protect your transaction. They have an excellent reputation and good service.

How does the community trial work?2023-01-21T13:40:41-08:00

In all payment options, you’ll receive full access to the community during the program AND for 2 months after the program ends.

If you paid for 12 months in advance (essentially getting 2 months free), your 12 months begins after the 2 months trial.

If you elected to take the 2 months trial and then pay monthly, you’ll begin that at the end of your free trial period.

In all cases, you’ll enter payment options AFTER your free trial period for the community.

How long does the program last?2023-01-21T14:31:12-08:00

The Inspired Creator’s Journey program has 8 sessions, once per week, for 1 1/2 hours each session. Each session has interactive exercises.

The community access that goes with the program is where discussion, Q&A, deeper dive material, and more takes place.

Who is in the community?2023-01-21T14:37:19-08:00

The Inspired Success Community has like-minded entrepreneurs working on building or starting businesses they’re passionate about.

Members are committed, in action, and excited about bringing mindfulness and wisdom to their work.

We have slow growth businesses, high growth businesses, and everything in between. All entrepreneurs are bringing something new to the world that reflects inspiration and creativity.

Are there in-person meetings?2023-01-21T14:39:50-08:00

We have members all over the world and so we’re currently using Zoom to stay connected.

We hope to introduce an annual get-together at some point to take our relationships one step further. This would be a new kind of entrepreneurship conference.

What additional programs are available?2023-01-21T14:41:52-08:00

We will be adding more community programs that will be available to community members.

We also plan to add a mastermind program for members wanting higher intensity focus of a select group to take their business to new heights of success.

How can I talk with someone to get my questions answered?2023-01-21T14:50:04-08:00

We’d love to help you get your questions answered.

We offer several options for communicating with Chris and Kathryn:

  1. You can send a contact form to us and we’ll get that immediately in our email and respond to you directly. That can be done on our Contact Us page.
  2. We can schedule a Zoom meeting to have conversations about any aspect of the program. That option is on the next page if you click Getting Started and fill out the information. That will help us prepare for the meeting. Then just click the link you’ll get when you check the option for having a meeting.
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