Deep Prosperity
Deep Prosperity
#4 Deep Prosperity

In this short little walking thought, I explore the idea of “deep prosperity” that occurred to me the other day. I feel it encapsulates so much of what we are going for in our work. It opens up an inquiry about what prosperity really means, and pushes us to explore. And it feels more about an *experience* of living, not a momentary hurdle to be passed somehow.



So I came up with a term today that I really like, and the term is, deep prosperity. We’ve been throwing around some different ideas. Like I had one called inspired success, which I still like and sort of speaks to this idea of success in multi-levels and the multiple ways and combined with the spirit of inspiration.

But. I really like deep prosperity, even more for several reasons. First of all, success speaks to a moment in time. It speaks to this sort of “rah, rah” … Rocky at the top of the steps moment of something that we call “success”. But of course, life is really a process.

And. I like the term deep prosperity, because I’ve always felt like the term prosperity when set on its own is embedded with kind of Scrooge McDuck imagery of someone who’s so rich that they can swim in their own money pit and conquer the world. And I think that. The Elon Musks and Bill Gates of the world may have been a little bit too influenced by the Scrooge McDuck archetype. And I really want to get away from the Scrooge McDuck archetype. I don’t really think Scrooge McDuck was all that happy. Do you? He was kind of a weird guy.

But the phrase deep prosperity to me invokes this multilayered sensation, it causes you to inquire into what prosperity means for you. And it implies that, if there’s a depth to something, there must be many different strata almost when something is deep, it asks of you to inquire into it and things that have depth have lasting resonance.

And when I think about exploring and experiencing and being in deep prosperity, it invokes a richness of a lived experience that cannot be summed up simply by “yay, I made a lot of money!. I made it! I succeeded!”, which is such a hollow chimera. Such a hollow illusion, such a threadbare, ideal. The feeling of deep prosperity for me, calls forth this quality that I’m wanting to help us and encourage other people to live into, something that must be understood by living it and experiencing it over time. Something that can be imagined as embodying and encompassing the richness of life in all its dimensions. And this is so cool because I feel so much of my work of late has been to try to harmonize these important things in life. That is, financial abundance, sustenance wealth, wherewithal, practical ability with the rich qualities of living so that they can all be felt and experienced together as not separable from each other.

And, you know, I just keep feeling that when people are say they want an unlimited amount of money, I think there there’s an imbalance. There’s a sense that they are not planted in the soil of what it would feel like to be living a rich life and feel safe, comfortable and alive in the, in some ways just ordinary life that we’re all living. And part of why that’s so important is from a practical standpoint, I don’t see how everybody could make an enormous amount of money that doesn’t seem to make any sense to me. So then why go for that? If you want a society to be happy. But particularly why go for it if it’s not even going to make the people that achieve it happy, or if there’s a false equivalency between “I make a lot of money” and “I have satisfaction in my life”, a false coupling. So sometimes satisfaction could come through making money. Sometimes perhaps because of other things you had to do for the money or some other reason, the making of the money could actually harm you.

So I do have this inner motive to move us towards deep prosperity, because I think it’s a much more sustainable state, because it inquires into what truly makes us happy and how those different components of what make us happy, inter operate rather than trying to subordinate this idea of happiness to this ridiculous transactional metric called money. It’s too much. It just extracts us from our rich lived experience.

So that’s deep prosperity. What do you think of it? Right now I’m naming my new podcast Deep Prosperity too. We’ll see if it sticks.