Be Extraordinary 90 Day Growth Accelerator

This 90-Day Guided Process
Consistently Doubles Sales

Imagine your business with double your current sales…

Now, take that one step further: imagine your business continuing to grow into future. And as you grow:

  • You won’t be relying on generating new customers just with pay-per-click campaigns and ads.
  • Your profitability will also improve.
  • You won’t need to constantly create new marketing campaigns.

Instead, you’ll have a sustainable system that naturally produces good leads, viable prospects, and delighted customers who stay with you and share their experience.

As you develop a strategic vision of your business, you’ll:

  • Stay in control of your positioning in your marketplace.
  • Evaluate new opportunities and markets.
  • Make a lasting impact in your field.
  • Develop partnerships in your business community.

So much becomes possible once you have a reliable system in place for consistent revenue growth.

Your ROI for putting this in place can be measured not just in the sales you’ll get in a year, but the time, energy, and inspiration you’ll have for your business and your life.

Here’s What We Accomplish in Each Phase


  • Systematize your deep customer insight
  • Identify what is most irresistible about your offer
  • Articulate your most compelling business advantage

You’ll have all the fundamentals to take advantage of the next step in this process.

AND, you’ll have all the building blocks for your future ads and website copy.

Be Extraordinary Know Yourself Customer Value
Be Extraordinary Attract Engage Delight


  • Pinpoint your most valuable ‘AHA Connection’ with customers that motivates them to buy from you
  • Develop your loyal repeat buyers
  • Nurture your raving fans

You’ll know exactly what most effectively transforms your prospects into customers and your customers into loyal raving fans.

AND you’ll understand how to put that system together to reliably make that happen…forever.


  • Pinpoint your most valuable ‘AHA Connection’ with customers that motivates them to buy from you
  • Develop your loyal repeat buyers
  • Nurture your raving fans

You’ll know exactly what most effectively transforms your prospects into customers and your customers into loyal raving fans.

AND you’ll understand how to put that system together to reliably make that happen…forever.

Be Extraordinary Attract Engage Delight


  • Establish a successful process that smoothly moves your prospects through all the stages of their journey to becoming committed champions for your business.
  • Sharpen your customer interactions to consistently encourage their loyalty and delight in their experiences with every part of your business.
  • Align your business objectives with your strategy and your metrics so you can dial in the growth rate you want profitably and reliably sustainable.

You’ll be ready to put your entire growth engine in place with your flywheel keeping customers repeat buying and new prospects returning to buy again and again.

Be Extraordinary 90 Day Growth Accelerator
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How the Be Extraordinary 90 Day Growth Accelerator Works

In this 90-day guided process together we will achieve these 3 objectives:

  1. Audit your current revenue-generating strategy,

  2. Identify bottlenecks, opportunities, and the metrics that matter, and

  3. Develop an action plan to improve your strategy and double your sales!

We collaborate with you to accomplish these objectives with a series of foundational conversations and three interactive workshops. The process is customized to your business based on:

  • Your current growth rates and market success,
  • The size of your business: revenues and employees,
  • Your past 3 years of business activity and your business objectives and plans for the next 3 years.

==> Check out our FAQs below for lots of details about the process, why us, why this, and more.

Here’s How We Accomplish Each Phase

Phase 1: Build


In this phase we work together to build the following key pieces for formulating your evergreen growth strategy:

  • Holistic view of your current revenue generation foundation and processes using our proven frameworks
  • Identify areas for optimization
  • Develop a growth plan and scorecard and define what success looks like over the next two months
Phase 2: Optimize


In this phase we will walk through every step your prospects and customers take and focus on those needing the most streamlining:

  • Optimize pivotal stages of the Customer Value Journey for a greater impact on sales
  • Review the growth scorecard and process bottlenecks that popped up over the last 30 days
  • Prioritize optimization tactics based on the highest level of impact to the growth scorecard
Phase 3: Accelerate


In this phase we’ll put the finishing touches on the entire sales growth engine to ensure all parts contribute optimally to steadily increase your growth profitably:

  • Review your progress over the past 90 days
  • Scale using tools and tactics tailored to your business’s needs
  • Identify all the flywheels that will maintain focus and drive relationships and sales
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Quick Visual Overview of the
Be Extraordinary 90 Day Growth Accelerator

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FAQs on the Be Extraordinary 90 Day Growth Accelerator

We offer a 100% customized version of our Be Extraordinary 90 Day Growth Accelerator for an investment of $12,000+. The pricing entirely depends on where you are in building an understanding of your market, how successful you’ve been, how aggressive your business growth objectives are, and how serious you are in reaching those objectives in your 5 year plan.

First, we have a conversation with you to explore who you are, your business, your clarity on your positioning and objectives, and your plan for the future.

Then, we offer an assessment if needed to dig deeper.

Let’s just stop for a moment. We want to be clear that we offer this, and do this work, to actually deliver results to the businesses we think are most critical in our world: small- and medium-sized businesses AND startups committed to delivering real value that helps build communities and makes people’s lives better. We want to make sure that all the pieces are in place for you to get the full benefit of this process. And what’s that? At least a 2x in revenue that’s likely a LOT more profitable that what you’ve been getting. And many businesses actually get a lot more that double.

We do not want to have your business get a ton of demand and not be able to meet that demand – that’s a sure-fire way to kill your brand and your business.

We also don’t want to get half-way through this process and realize you’re missing a critical piece to getting results. Sure, we could just keep going, but that’s not who we are. We’re not interested in just a sales transaction. We actually care about transforming your business.

We’re Digital Marketer Certified Partners. And this framework has been used by Digital Marketer, its partners, and its many radically successful students for many years.

The framework from Digital Marketer has some unique IP at the very core of it that transforms your business. But other than that, this methodology is tried and true in large and enterprise level sophisticated marketing. We’re bringing it to small, medium, and startup businesses in a powerful, simplified format designed specifically for those segments.

This framework has taken many small local businesses, online business, in-person businesses, service businesses, ecommerce businesses, and startups on amazingly successful, sustainable growth trajectories.

We’re here to deliver it to you.

Well, first of all, we are committed to getting you results, not just delivering the service. That right there is a big difference between us and many other options. We’re not here to deliver services. We are fundamentally transformation artists, aka guides. We do this to create AHA moments for you – that’s what fuels our inspiration for our work

Secondly, we have all been in this business for decades. We’ve experienced, delivered, taught, and optimized almost every tactical approach you can take to getting more revenue and improving profits. Seriously. Take a look at our Clients page and then our About page. And then sign up for a free consultation. Better yet, read our posts and watch our podcast videos. Or sign up for our newsletter. You’ll get to know who we are and what we bring to the table.

Are we celebrity gurus? Heck, no. Those people had success with an approach and then built a business around it convincing other people that they could do the same thing and have success. What’s the likelihood of doing the same thing as someone else in another market with a different unique value and having their level of success (to say nothing about the fact that you have a different set of skills and talents): being generous, probably about 10%. You can read or listen to what we think about this in our conversation on the Guru Industrial Complex. And that’s enough for them to resell that to many people, get signups, and have enough success to have testimonials to convince others.

We are deeply experienced, committed practitioners and guides. We focus on getting success for others, because that makes us happy. And that’s gotten us a couple of home runs for our clients.

Once we have a free consultation and you are inspired, we can also do an overview mini-workshop for free so you have a taste of the process. Let us know.

Then, we send a proposal that includes what we think it’ll take to get you where you want to go.

After you pick an option in the proposal – you’ll get three because we believe choice makes a difference – then we send you a Statement of Work that shows the timeline, steps, and milestones, along with a contractual agreement with a payment schedule.

To get started, you sign the agreement and make the first payment.

Then we schedule the first conversations and the first workshop.

Three full-day workshops are central to this. Your business is the only one in the room. We ask you bring 2-4 other people with you that have responsibility and customer contact: service, accounts receivable, sales, business development – whatever functions you have that interact with customers. You might want to just have your management team, or you might want to have front-line people there. Either way works: they’re on board with the strategy AND the process gets the benefit of their insights into customer behavior and conversations – that’s priceless.

We can break the workshops into half-days if being out of the office for a whole day creates problems. The downside is that you don’t get the full creative experience of being focused strategically for an entire 6 hours.

We can do these in-person in a conference room – offsite or onsite (as long as there are NO distractions or interruptions) OR we can do these on Zoom. Zoom is easier to break this out into half-day sessions.

At the end of the foundation conversations and three workshops you’ll have:

  1. An action plan for putting in place your strategy to double your sales and increase profitability. Really – actionable.
  2. All the information we discovered in the process about you, your business, your market, your customer, your offers, and your metrics. Everything. You own that. We’ll keep a copy, just in case. But we WANT you to use this in the future whether you have people working for you as employees or contractors. Make this information a central part of what it takes for you to be successful. Part of your creative brief.

After we’re complete with the workshops, you’ll have some options to choose from:

  1. We can act as an interim or fractional CMO for you to get this all in place. Interim means we’re taking some line responsibility in getting people to do this work. Fractional means we’re advising and guiding your staff or your contractors and making sure they have the skills, training, support, and insights to be successful in their work.
  2. We can recommend some amazing, highly-qualified contractors for the work.
  3. We can help manage the process of getting the work done.
  4. We can make recommendations, facilitate training, and leave you on your own.
  5. We can just go away knowing you have everything you need to get this done.

Your choice completely. The more confident, powerful, and equipped you feel your business is, the more we’ve done our work.

This option has the advantage of us focusing ENTIRELY on your business. We bring everything we have to the table to help you achieve your goals. That’s what you’re paying for when you choose this option.

That said, we are looking at other ways to get you some of the pieces so that you can get some of the benefit. You won’t get all the benefit because, frankly, you’ll be missing our thinking to your business exclusively. If you’re really serious about leveling up significantly, you’ll want to do this with us one-to-one with your business.

Options we’re currently exploring but haven’t yet put in place (contact us to let us know what option you like – let’s talk about making it happen!):

  • Cohort of businesses going through the process together.
    • Advantages:
      • More ideation from different perspectives.
      • Sharing of business experiences.
      • New connections and community to learn from.
      • Less expensive.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Prescheduled (no flexibility).
      • Little one-on-one consulting.
      • More work for you to get the results.
    • Likely price range: $4,550+
    • Number of businesses and representations:
      • 5-8 businesses – possibly mixed industry but aligned or same industry but not direct competitors.
      • 1-3 representatives from each business.
    • Zoom or in-person depending on the logistics and costs involved: Zoom is much cheaper for everyone.
    • Ongoing community connection via Facebook Group or online forum.
  • Self-study with community and coaching calls.
    • Advantages:
      • Self-paced, available indefinitely.
      • Online community support, feedback, and ideation.
      • Live coaching via live streaming with hot seats.
      • Weekly Q&A.
      • Less expensive.
    • Disadvantages:
      • Almost no one-on-one consulting.
      • More work for you to get the results.
      • Primary business representative login only.
    • Likely price range: $1,950+
    • Open-ended number of participants; virtually no limit.
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