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How a Fractional or Interim CMO Might Help You

Marketing has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years. The number of options and moving parts has increased and the level of technical skill needed to accomplish something can easily overwhelm even the smartest business owner, founder, or CEO.

A CMO helps you create and execute your business strategy, with a focus on revenue and profitability goals. Marketing exists to identify revenue sources, guide the business to attracting that revenue, and making sure the revenue is profitable. Without that strategic and relentless focus on profitable revenues, the business can easily be driven by a transactional approach to buying revenue only with ads. And especially a small, medium, or startup business can be attracted to hiring contractors who are motivated by delivering services and not by achieving an integrated strategy that will build the business sustainably.

As a growing small, medium, or startup business, you likely aren’t ready to commit to a full-time CMO. You probably have either a one person marketing department with contractor help or an array of contractors you’re managing.

Bringing in CMO on a part-time basis might be just the thing to:

  • Offload your workload as the owner, founder, or CEO
  • Integrate all your marketing efforts into a well-functioning and aligned effort to achieve your revenue and profit goals
  • Build your marketing function and make them all successful: whether it’s one person or a group of contractors.

We offer two different options to help you focus your marketing efforts to achieve your business goals.

We generally offer these options for after completing our Be Extraordinary 90 Day Growth Accelerator, depending on what makes most sense for you to do next.

You can relax knowing that we’ll help you get there. Count on it.

Fractional CMO

We can step into your business as a Fractional CMO while you’re growing to support your own marketing function. As a Fractional CMO we’re available to support your new or existing marketing function with coaching, advising, planning, or training. Whatever will make your business growth accelerate sustainably.

We can operate as your Fractional CMO indefinitely. Our objective will be to make your existing marketing function successful, whether that’s helping your people with customized training based on the discoveries from the 90 Day Growth Accelerator or assisting your contractors in getting onboard with your goals.

We operate as your Fractional CMO on a monthly retainer so that we’re available to you anytime as well as operating to achieve your goals.

Interim CMO

We can also be an Interim CMO for your business. As an Interim CMO we can bring in subcontractors from our elite marketing community and/or we can help you hire your own marketers.

We’ll be focused on pulling together your existing marketing activities under an integrated plan that aligns with your business goals for the next 3-5 years. And then building the skillset for you to achieve those goals with your own marketing function in place.

This could take 6 months or a couple years to power up your marketing.

As an Interim CMO, we will have achieved our mission when you’ve got a full-time replacement person or team and/or you are ready to move to a Fractional CMO situation.

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