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When we do an assessment of your business we:

  1. Audit the key components of your current revenue-generating strategy,

  2. Begin identifying bottlenecks, opportunities, and the metrics that matter, and

  3. Suggest actions to start improving your strategy and increase your sales.

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Here’s How We Assess Your Readiness for Growth

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

You already know a lot about your customers.

And you probably have a few categories (segments) of customers that you define by either how they find you, what they’re looking for, or how much repeat business they generate – there could be other ways you segment them also.

We like to start with your favorite customer. The customer that you love to see coming to your business, the type that you’d like to have a LOT more of, the ones that make you think: ‘that’s who I want to help, that’s why I started this business.’

You may notice below that most of the information we’re after falls into the psychological realm – because that’s a primary decision-making driver for every purchase.

Maybe you know some of this. The more you know, the more powerful your marketing will be – direct correlation. And the more effectively you can operate and grow your business.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • How they talk about your business, service, products.
  • What emotional need your business fills for them.
  • How buying from your business impacts their status or self-identity.
  • Why they’re buying this product to begin with.

We’ll take a look and ask a bunch of questions to figure out how much of this work is needed for you to be more successful.

Know Yourself

This one sounds a little strange – know yourself. But in reality knowing your business strengths, weaknesses, talents, inspirations, mission, and commitments forms the foundation for differentiating yourself in the market.

Know Yourself

Know yourself includes both you as a founder and prime mover (and other co-founders) as well as your entire business, since your customers experience the combined characteristics of all the elements of your company: human, digital, and processes. And the physical and emotional value you create can come from any part of your business.

Here, we’re looking for:

  • Talents and strengths you bring and your company has.
  • Weaknesses internally, personally, and relative to your market that need to be either shored up or mitigated against.
  • Inspirations and the mission you and your company together have for your product, your customers, the world.
  • Commitments you’ve made as a company to always do x and never do y. (This forms the heart of your brand promise.)
  • Your positioning in the market as a company. Your unique-ness and story.

Some of this you know. Some of this maybe needs more clarification. We’ll see what’s there and what needs work.

Know Your Product/Service/Offering


Your product/service/offering ideally comes together reflecting the best match between your customer’s wants and needs and your talents, strengths, and inspirations. That’s the starting point. Then your offering has to stand out in the market – that’s your positioning, value, and selling proposition.

Remember that your offering positioning differs from your company positioning: you’ll have multiple offers for different price points and slightly different needs.

We’ll want to take a look at your core offer or offer category to start. The one you’d lead with if you had the perfect customer – probably it’s most profitable, puts you in the best light, you have the best experience delivering the value, and if you could just offer one thing, this might be it. We’re not suggesting you only offer one thing, but we need to start with the best candidate to optimize your growth.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • How your offer best reflects the intersection of your advantages and your customers’ desires and needs.
  • The relative positioning of your offer with competition: direct competitors, substitutes, and newcomers.
  • What components of your offer reflect core product, actual or whole product, and augmented solution (unique differentiators).
  • Pricing approach: value vs. product vs. cost.
  • The market reception to your offer: reviews, comments, history.

We could do a deep MBA-style dive on this if you’d like. Otherwise, we do a lean version of reviewing all aspects of your offer in the market.

Know How You Measure Up in the Market

As the final step of our assessment, we take a look at how the combination of your company, your offer, and your customers come together to create a meaningful and memorable brand experience. That experience helps create the core drivers for your growth.

Combination of Knowing Customer Yourself Leads to Compelling Offer

We want to see how much of that critical combination is in place.

Here’s what we look for:

  • How the customer experience carries through the discovery to purchase to referral to repeat process.
  • What differentiates that experience from the rest of the market.
  • How easily this experience scales.
  • How well this experience already integrates into the rest of the business culture, processes, onboarding, and training.

We’re assessing how your business has already put this in place and where there might be gaps.

Next Steps

We’d love to help you get a picture of what’s working for you and what isn’t.

You’ll get an expert view of how your revenue generation works now and what you will need to have in place to accomplish your longer term business growth objectives. And you’ll get a full debrief report or conversation so that you have all the insights for yourself. You can work with us to put in place a system to drive that revenue or you can take these insights and run with them. Our goal is to help you succeed and make the difference you want to make in the world.

Our assessments start at $500+. We recommend starting with a free consultation to see if we’re a fit for you.

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