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The Wrong Way to Do Everything … And One of the Most Popular

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Sometimes we forget to map out our journey or project plan or strategy. Maybe that works most of the time. And then there are those times when we find ourselves mired in the weeds, off the beaten path, or climbing the wrong peak. Here’s my story of how easily that can happen – and did

The Advantage of Small Business to Focus and Customize

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“A small business can do things a large one can’t with marketing – relationships, customized, local. Large businesses are selling predictability, not community.” —Adam Davidson This continues a discussion from my last post on the Underestimated Small Business Advantage of building relationships with community. While building relationships really, truly is within reach of small business

The Underestimated Small Business Advantage

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"Small businesses provide the feeling that a real person is behind it all, someone who cares more about giving us a quality product or service, over just taking our hard-earned dollars." —Annie Bukhman Most small businesses miss out on the biggest advantage they have over chains and big companies: community relationships. Before big companies began

Local Business Needs to Pivot to Online ASAP

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A local business just lost making a $500 sale to me today. And all the follow on business that might have generated. The Problem with Local Business Right Now I needed a replacement for a broken appliance right away. And because I am an enthusiastic supporter of local business – it is what makes our

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