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#10 Re-Nourishing the World through the Richness of Personal Business w. Kathryn Gorges

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This week's episode was actually a conversation between me and Kathryn back in October of last year, 2020, when we were still Essential 3; but I think there's a lot of beautiful things in here — about re-nourishing the local, and how important that is. So, it speaks to a lot of things we really believe in, encouraging the things that make small business and local business really special. And of course, that doesn't have to mean a struggling business. It can mean prosperous, and sustainable, and thriving, and full of satisfaction in many ways at once — which is really our goal, to support creative business people to do in the world.

#9 The Guru Industrial Complex w. Kathryn Gorges

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Hey there. So this recording was done with me in Kathryn back in November of last year (2020). We were still calling ourselves Essential 3 Consulting; we hadn't gone into being Inspired Success yet. But listening back to it, there were a lot of things I enjoyed about it. We talk about what I called the "guru industrial complex", which is a way of talking... if you're not familiar, the way online teachers tend to pump you up, and pump you up, and pump you up, but not always give you what they could. And we cover some other ground. Some really cool ideas about how to make internet marketing, or any marketing more connected, better and how to be more authentic. A theme that came out of it, listening back to it was learning to trust yourself. And it occurred to me: a thing that's core to what I'm trying to help creators do, is learn to trust ourselves more. And when we learn to trust ourselves, I think we also come off as more authentic, more reachable. All of this episode is about how to be more connected and more genuine; and through that, be more truly and genuinely successful.

#8 “Inspired Success”

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This is an edited talk I had with Kathryn, my business partner a few weeks ago, as we were just launching the name "Inspired Success", and it reflects on why we like those two words together. I really enjoyed looking back at our reflections on what creativity really is, what we're really about, and the vulnerability it takes to put something out into the world that's meaningful for others, and still maintain your own integrity, about being that person you want to be, and having all those things come together. This is the exciting space that we're working in, and supporting other people to work in. So I'm excited to share this talk with you.

#6 Normalizing Creative Confidence, and the Vulnerability of Just Putting It Out There

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So this is part of a conversation I had with Kathryn, about a week ago. And at first, I was super critical of all the ways in which it was really — well, not that perfect. That audio is not so great (although I did what I could to make it better). But then, when I listened back to it, I realized it was the kind of thing _I_ would really want to hear, as a creator. And therefore, I realized it might just be the kind of thing you> would want to hear, as a creator. At the beginning it jumps around a bit. Kathryn begins by talking about the Spotlight Your Brilliance workshops she's been doing on her own brand, and bringing them into our company. And at one point she mentions one of our possible clients, and I edited her name out, to sort of, protect that person's privacy. But, we are really getting to something here, is what I keep feeling — and I feel that it's very exciting. I share some of my own insights about the ego, and how the ego part of us, really doesn't want to be seen as too special, or ready, or anything. Because we can feel just as vulnerable to be seen then, as anything else, and that can be scary too. So, this was a bit of a revelation to me. I hope you enjoy it.

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