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Inspired Success Seven Lenses for Wise Action for Entrepreneurs

Inspired Success Action Sequence

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Seven Lenses for Wise Action here.

The Journey Through the Seven Lenses

1. Awakening Your Power

This first Lens for Wise Action, Awakening Your Power, keeps you inspired, focused, and energized about the impact you’re driving towards. And also, importantly, this serves as the basis for likely the most successful marketing messaging you could have.

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2. Calling Forth the Vision

This second Lens for Wise Action, Calling Forth the Vision, creates a context and framework for working hard on your business AND having a positive impact on your wellness, your relationships, your community, and the world.

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3. Mapping the Journey

The third Lens for Wise Action helps you build a system view of the key components of a balanced business. The tool we use is a new version of Business Model Canvas designed specifically for an inspiration-based business with the goal of a balanced life AND an impact on the world.

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4. Dancing with the Other

This fourth lens, Dancing with the Other, helps you work through one of the most frustrating aspects of building your business: discovering what will give your ideal customer the most joy.

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5. Building Connection

The fifth lens, Building Connection, centers around a successfully used tool for building a marketing sequence that goes from creating visibility for your offering to loyal, raving fans that help do your marketing for you.

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6. Acting with Wisdom

The sixth Lens for Wise Action, Acting with Wisdom, provides a key component that will help keep you in action. You’ll have the impact you want and be doing the work you love when you’re moving forward consistently and avoiding bogging down.

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7. Amplifying Flow

Sharing at every step you take with others, with your potential market, and with advisors keeps you moving forward in the direction of success.

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