Lenses for Wise Action

Awakening Your Power: Lens for Wise Action

This workshop will shift your perspective on yourself, your business, and how to tell your business story in a way that connects with your audience. Our Lenses for Wise Action are all designed to give you AHAs about yourself and your business in ways that make a positive difference for your success and your life.

$300.00 USD

Calling Forth Your Vision: Lens for Wise Action

We’re all working so hard—PUSHING so hard to get to the destination. But how often do we get to ask if we are headed where we really want to go? This workshop will drop some new ideas into your world — about how we value money; how we value friendships and relationships; and how we value the IMPACT we’re hoping to have on the lives of others. And by exploring what FULFILLMENT truly means, and giving ourselves time to clarify the VISION of our destination, we’ll end up feeling greater confidence… certainty… and clarity, all to guide us forward, faster, and better, and more happily.

$300.00 USD

Transformational Programs

Accelerate Your Impact Mastermind

Finally…a mastermind designed for passion-driven entrepreneurs looking for tried and true tips to financial, personal, and balanced success.

$1,500 USD Annually for one year commitment.